7 Fires Gallery Art Testimonials
  • The Gates of Eden | TestimonialBrona, this is so absolutely magical. I don’t know how you get anything else done with all of this beautiful artwork you’re making. What I enjoy most, is your fearless use of colour. It inspires the senses, and I am grateful for that. Thank you! Katie P.

  • The Gates of Eden | A TestimonialBeautiful!! I love the colours!! I look at that painting and the word that pops into my head is just LOVE. Absolutely gorgeous!! Linda M.

  • Art Magic | A TestimonialI would so love to own a magical skirt .. wow .. so spectacular. I think I do deserve one .. and I will be 60 this coming February .. so I am really thinking I may need to invest in one !!! .. Brona does spectacular art .. does she actually sell skirts ? Lisa  B

  • 1001 Nights | A TestimonialGorgeous! Phoenix, firebird, hummingbird… much spirit and energy. In our family all our messengers are birds. Your work is stunning. It uplifts my spirit, much needed in times of such crushing negativity. You and Ritchie shine a light on spirit which is much needed. Beth R. G.

  • OMG Brona , this is so beautiful. ?It sings to me.? I mean really, this is my favorite so far. Just so so beautiful. ❤❤❤ – Katie

  • I think I found my new favourite artist! This is my favourite. Denelle H.

  • I had to google diptych, Brona’s work is AMAZING!! I love her details and her colours…. what a beautiful mind…❤❤ Linda M.

  • The Nature of Spirit | A TestimonialYou are a conduit for all that is Divine and Joyful in the world.  Blessings Stardreamer. Michael B.

  • This is magnificent Ritchie. Jaw droppingly magnificent. I absolutely love it. Ian S.

  • The Nature of Spirit | A TestimonialBeautiful… sooths my brain…. you have no idea how helpful that is to me right now… Linda M.

  • We LOVE that painting, it’s beauty, energy and transcendent power. Ian F.

  • Nirvana | A TestimonialA beautiful melding of art, artists, hearts and souls. Cindy S.

  • Migration | A Testimonial | 2 |Paddle!! Brilliant and beautiful and so timely. Your talent just reaches in and touches me…and makes me wishful for that kind of gift so that I could speak in color and form like you do Linda P.

  • Little Meadow | A TestimonialI am so pleased with the quality of these limited edition prints. The colors are deep and rich. I’ve been eyeing Ritchie’s artwork for a while now and to be in possession of these prints gives me a sense of fullness. I feel like I’ve come home. In a world of ever increasing lies and upheaval, these prints offer me truth and groundedness. I feel inspired and energized in their presence. Ritchie’s work awakens something at the very core of my soul. Susan B.